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I started my career doing side work for my friends’ parents in high school while I worked at a flooring store. After high school, I started my own business installing flooring, specifically tile and laminate, which at the time was a reasonably new innovation. I soon expanded my repertoire to include remodeling and have been working hard at it ever since.


When we estimate our projects we list everything that is included. We don’t want to come back at the end with additional costs or fees on top of the original estimate. If we find something during the work that will cost extra, such as structural damage, we let the customer know right away and discuss it with them on site.

We like to meet our customer and see the project area before we provide an estimate. We do this so that we can provide a thorough estimate and avoid additional charges when the project is finished.

Marysville Master Bath Crop.jpg

Customers should really think about what they want their bathroom to look like, how much they’re willing to spend, and can they handle the disruption of construction in their home.

I would advise customers to get estimates from at least 3 contractors and really look at the estimate to see what the contractor is bidding on. Sometimes contractors leave things out and come back at the end with more charges, so sometimes the lowest price isn’t the best price. Also, experience counts for something when you’re hiring a contractor.

We recently redid a tile shower surround for a customer where the previous contractor did a poor job of installing and grouting the tile.  Once we got into the project we found more problems with that contractors work, tile was literally falling off of the wall.  And despite, the precautions we took, the bathtub was damaged.  Once we had the tile down, we found that the plumbing wasn’t installed correctly and the studs in the wall weren’t even nailed in.  We brought everything up to code, installed a new tub at no cost to the customer, and retiled the surround.  The moral of the story is to be very careful when selecting a contractor.  We take great pride in doing things right the first time, so that you save money in the long run.  This customer had to pay to have their shower done twice because the first contractor did substandard work.

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